Automated information system

                                                                           INTERNATIONAL STANDARD BOOK NUMBER - ISBN

The international standard book number consists of the abbreviation ISBN, thirteen Arabic numerals (from zero to nine), separated from each other by a hyphen.

Elements of the ISBN structure:

- 978 - prefix of the EAN.UCC;

- 601-registration group number;

- 7046-registrant number;

- 01-publication number;

- 9-check digit.

Why do I need to assign an ISBN?

The ISBN number is used as a single identification system for all types and forms of book publications and their reprints worldwide.

ISBN can also be used to identify publications that are integrated with other publications, such as audio or audiovisual (book edition and its sound recording).

Each book publication is assigned an individual ISBN. The same book editions published in different languages and in different forms (hardcover, softcover, Braille, small print, software, audiobook, video, and online electronic editions) must have different ISBNs. In addition, each electronic publication format (for example, ".lit", ".pdf", ".html", ".pdb") must have its own individual ISBN.

ISBN location in publications

The ISBN number must be specified in the same place of the publication and included in the output of each individual publication.

In book editions, the ISBN is printed on the back of the title page of the publication or in the lower corner of the title page, or before the copyright reference. If necessary, the ISBN may be placed in the lower corner on the cover of the publication or on the last page of the cover of the publication, if the ISBN is presented in the form of a bar code.

The ISBN bar code must be presented on the publication in a form suitable for automatic reading.

In electronic publications, the ISBN is given on a page or on a screen that is analogous to the title page or its equivalent (the initial page is uploaded to the screen, where there is a copyright mark).

When published on a physical medium (audio, video discs), the ISBN is given on the label of the medium, or in the lower corner on the back of any permanent package (box, disc envelope, frame).

ISBN of multi-volume publications

When publishing a multi-volume edition, an ISBN is assigned to each volume with the volume number and the ISBN number of the multi-volume edition as a whole indicated in parentheses. The ISBN number of the multi-volume edition as a whole is given in all volumes of this edition.

Which publication is assigned the ISBN:

- combined editions;

- complete editions containing the text;

- translated publications;

- text local and online electronic publications, including publications on the Internet;

- electronic analogues of printed publications;

- educational, production and practical software products;

- printed books and brochures issued in various forms;

- publications using Braille;

- preprints, dated yearbooks;

- educational films and instructional films, videos and photographs, with the exception of those intended for internal use;

- training or instructional programs;

- audiobooks on various media (including talking books – books with a sound application);

- digital copies of printed book editions; microform book editions;

- book publications in the form of mixed multimedia features, where the main part is occupied by text content;

- izoizdaniyam book and magazine form, containing, in addition to the image text, including calendars book and magazine form, flip calendars;

- cartographic publications (atlases and maps);

- normative production and practical publications;

- educational, production and practical video publications;

The ISBN is not assigned to the following publications:

- ongoing series (for example, serial publications, individual publications in collections and serial publications);

- temporary printed materials (for example, advertising materials, etc.);

- music publications, music and sound recordings;

- book and magazine editions that do not contain text, including catalogues of industrial products;

- personal documents (electronic resume and personal profile);

- greeting cards, games;

- software products that are not educational or production-practical;

- video publications that are not educational or production-practical;

- electronic bulletin boards, electronic correspondence;

- forms, certificates, forms to fill out, labels and other similar products;

- official documents of organizations intended for distribution among the employees of this organization;

- individual excerpts from published works and books that have an ISBN;

- curricula and programs, methodological materials intended for distribution among students of this educational institution;

- dissertation abstracts;

- patents.

Which publications are not assigned a new ISBN?

A separate plant (part) of the circulation and an additional circulation of the same book publication, which does not have a different printing design.